As soon as you bring home your furry bundle of joy, that puppy become part of your family, right?

Be The Person Your Dog Thinks
You Are

You want the Absolute Best for your Dog
right? So do we!

About Your Dog’s Health

If you’re like us your dog’s health is very important to you right? Below are six areas I believe can improve your furbabies life style and overall health.

  • Schedule daily walks with your dog
  • Put your dog on a schedule
  • Change to your dog’s diet
  • Add CBD Oil to your dog’s nutrition
  • Make sure your dog gets their annual check-up at the veterinarian’s office
  • Play with your dog stimulate his brain with new activities

After speaking with a number of veterinarians, kennel owners and dog trainers it just reinforced my own personal experiences in raising happy and healthy dogs.

For sixteen plus years we’ve rescued and fostered many dogs and you almost never rescue or foster a dog that’s in perfect health, quite the contrary, most of the time they are both physically and mentally ill.

The good news is with a bit of love and nurturing you can help them live happy and healthy lives. That’s what really matters, isn’t it?

BUT….Not All Dogs With Health Issues Are Rescues

I’d like to share a story with you. About thirteen years ago we fostered and beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback. Over the next couple months worked hard to find her a home.

When she came to us, she was terrified of everything, she wasn’t aggressive just scared and standoffish. We worked with her every day helping here to become a better adjusted dog.

A young couple came to one of the adoption events we were at and fell in love with her. All the normal adoption steps were taken, a good reference from a veterinarian, a home visit and an interview.

Everything was in order and they took that sweet baby home.

Two days later we got a call saying they could not keep her. She was terrified, wouldn’t eat, chewed up some furniture and became a bit aggressive.

They brought her back to us. My wife and I decided at that moment that sweet baby had found her furever home with us. (As a side note that has happened a lot over the years)

Aleah is still with us and still has her some of her fear and anxiety issues but now we treat them and lessen the affects so that Aleah lives a happy life.

What We Learned About Our Dogs Health

Over the last sixteen years or so we have had dogs with all types of problems, some health, some behavioral, but there is always a way to make them better.

My wife has researched enough over the years that she should be a vet. We’ve worked with a number of highly respected veterinarians in the area taking care of dogs with seizures, cancer, hip dysplasia, fear aggression, storm anxiety and so on.

We have tried or researched just about every pain and anxiety medication, supplement and dog treat out there.

What you will find here are articles and videos on a variety of dog health issues that we have dealt with frequently over the years and how you can help your dog live a Happier Healthier Life…that’s what really important, don’t you agree?



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