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Hi my name is Jim Banks and I’d like to share my story with you

I’ve been a firefighter/paramedic for the past 22 years. I love helping people. As a paramedic, I often have free time because of the schedule I work.

My wife always dreamed of opening up a dog kennel that really catered to the love we have always wanted for our pets when we can’t be with them. I may love helping people but I really love seeing a smile on my wife’s beautiful face once we opened up her dog boarding kennel here in Benton, Louisiana.

We were running an amazing kennel and we had lots of happy dogs and happy pet parents. But I learned quickly dogs didn’t always like being away from their parents and the stress that caused it couldn’t always be fixed with love in our kennel.

I had personally seen a lot of success in my own life from CBD products. I decided to start looking for an easy way to relieve the stress and anxiety that some pets were having at our kennel while their parents were away. It worked!!!

Anyone that loves their dog doesn’t want to worry about their pet while they’re away right? Knowing that your pet is stressed or in pain of any kind can leave a lump in your heart as nothing else can.

These are our babies and often times we have a bond and a love for our pets that is deeper than many of us have with other humans, I’m sure you know what I mean right? I found that the pet parents were even more thrilled with the results their pets were having with the CBD then even I was.

Let me explain…

After months of research and talking to a number of CBD experts and veterinarians I had our Kalm Kare calming treats and pet-specific CBD Oil for stress and pain. We started testing our specials formulated pet CBD products on pets that were stressed or were in pain and they worked just as well with the dogs in our kennel worked for my aging body.

I was sold! We had to get this into more pet parent’s hands, not just the ones staying at our kennel.

This is how K9 Kare CBD products came about. It came from our love of the dogs in our kennel, the results we saw, and the elation and joy pet parents had to know their pet had another option, one that really worked. You want that same relief for your dog, right? Of course, you do.

Not all CBD products are the same because this is a new and unregulated industry. We know we can’t change the world but we know that we can offer products that are formulated just for your dog, tested in our kennel, easy to administer and keep on hand.

Nothing is better than the notes, messages, and people coming in to tell us that something we created out of our love for our own dogs and the love for the dogs in our kennel, is finally helping their baby in so many ways. We get thanked every day for creating these products and we couldn’t be happier that the dogs using this are less stresses, in less pain and more active because of it.

We knew that we had to share this information with everyone with a stressed or nervous dog, an aging pet, or pet in pain.

I just wanted to share my experience. When mom goes away, I get very scared and start panting, drooling, whining, and sometimes I get so scared I pee all over the house. Mommy has tried all kinds of medicine to help but nothing works. One day a friend told mom about Kalm Kare treats, mom was skeptical but couldn’t stand to see me suffer so she got some for me. WOW, these calming treats were amazing! The treats tasted great and I wasn’t scared anymore. Mom was so proud of me, I haven’t peed on the floor once and I don’t drool anymore either. I have the best mom and these are the best treats to keep me calm.

Thank You! Dixie Mae

The CBD Healthy Happy Pet Challenge is Born

So what is the CBD Healthy Happy Pet Challenge? You want a happy healthy dog right? So do we! The challenge is designed to give you a chance to see how well CBD will work with your pet…. Risk Free!!!

Why 30 Days?.…though we have seen dogs get amazing results very quickly it’s been the experience of our customers that it can take up to 30 days to figure out exactly how much CBD to give your dog.

K9 Kare has Developed a Measured CBD Protocol just for dogs to get best results possible. You need to be able to measure the results you see versus how much CBD oil you give.

Not all CBD Oil for Dogs is Created Equal. Sourced from Colorado, obtained via cold CO2 extraction, most reliable suppliers for phytocannabinoid oil. Everything from the ingredients to the bottle and dropper is human grade.

90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!!!! That’s right, even though the challenge is for 30 days we want you to be completely satisfied. Life gets busy, I want to make sure you have plenty time to complete the challenge.

Today I want your dog to have
the exact same results Dixie Mae had!!

Here Is What You Get With
The CBD Healthy Happy Pet Challenge

  • One 500mg Bottle of K9 KARE ORGANIC CBD DOG HEMP OIL- Value $69.99

    • K9 Kare Hemp-based CBD oil is 100% organic and non-GMO. Grown and produced in the USA.
    • CBD has been shown to:
      • Reduce separation anxiety
      • Reduce inflammation & pain
      • Reduce nausea
      • Promote heart health

    • Every treat contains 5mg Full Spectrum CBD. Every package contains 30 treats.
    • Kalm Kare Calming Treats are Made with Pure Human-Grade Ingredients our anxiety treats contain CBD Cannabidiol hemp Extract, Hempseed Oil, Turmeric Powder, Rosemary Powder & Valerian Root Powder.

    • Dogs enjoy the taste of raw honey and an earthy hint of the hemp extracts. Just squeeze it on to your dog’s food and he’ll take care of the rest.
    • BeeWell Honey Sticks include a full-spectrum CBD oil extract gently infused with the purest ingredients.

  • CBD Dosing Chart with Instructions for Dogs – Value $24.99
    • There is a lot of misinformation about how much CBD you should give your dogs. Our dosing guidelines were developed after consultation veterinarians and pet health experts.

  • One 1cc Syringe – This will ensure you give the correct dose every time.
  • A Daily Log – In order to make sure your dog gets the most out of the challenge we will help you log your dog’s daily progress
  • You get a 90 DAY 100% NO-HASSLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Value $119.99

My Yorkie has extreme storm anxiety and licks the floor every time we have storms. My veterinarian prescribed him some anxiety pills, they were expensive and didn’t help at all. I’ve tried the little thunder shirts and he hated it. A friend of mine suggested I try your calming treats. I love them! Whenever we have thunderstorms coming, I give him one of these calming treats and he settles down and isn’t terrified. They really do work thank you so much!

Sarah T.

My large German Shephard takes a low dose of Prozac my vet prescribed and is still terrified of thunderstorms. I’ve done a bunch of research on storm anxiety in dogs even tried thundershirts for him and haven’t found anything that really helps him. I recently found out about all-natual oils that help support anxiety in dogs and decided to try these. I can’t believe that these actually worked but they did!! Recently we had two nights of really bad storms so I gave him some oil a little before the storms started. It worked really well. He settled down and slept all night and didn’t even wake me up. The K9 Kare oil also helped when we have company, Ricco not nearly as nervous anymore when we have people at the house.

Thank you
Susan P

Your Dog Deserves To Be
Happy, Healthy & Pain Free Right?

We agree!!! Everything included is valued at $264.95 and I would pay ten times that if it meant my furbay was happy and pain free.

But you don’t have to pay that…..

Because I believe so strongly in the benefits of CBD I want as many people to try it as possible so today you can get:

  • One 500mg Bottle of K9 KARE ORGANIC CBD DOG HEMP OIL- Value $69.99
  • CBD Dosing Chart with Instructions for Dogs – Value $24.99
  • One 1cc Syringe
  • The Daily Log
  • You get a 90 DAY 100% NO-HASSLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Value $119.99

For ONLY $59.97 plus FREE SHIPPING!!!!
That’s Over 77% OFF

Here’s All You Need To Do Now…

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