Best Antlers for Dogs in 2023

Is your dog an excessive chewer? If nothing in your home is safe from—shoes to drywall—I know your pain.  

When I first got my English bulldog pup (cutest little thing), he was a complete terror. Anything and everything ended up in his mouth. A friend suggested I try elk antlers. They’re cheap, easy to come by, and irresistible to dogs.  

At that point, I was willing to try anything, so I picked up the first antler I could find, which turned out to be a white deer antler. After only one day of use, half of the antler was gone! The other half was splintered and cracked.   

Unfortunately, it turns out, like most products, not all antlers for dogs are created equal. The best antlers will last longer and splinter less. Once you find the right product, though, they are a superb option for chronic chewers—all-natural, safe, and an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.  

You’re probably wondering how you find the best antler for your dog right about now—right? No worries, we’re about to review the best antlers for dogs in 2023. These are sure to keep your dog busy, safe, and healthy.  

If you had the choice, would you choose a snack filled with preservatives and fillers or one that was natural, fresh, additive-free, and nutrient-packed? Assuming you chose the latter, wouldn’t you want the same for your furry-fellow friend as well?

With a grade–A rating, Heartland Antlers offer your dog valuable nutrients, such as calcium, phosphorous, glucosamine, and others. Sourced fresh from the US, these elk antlers are naturally shed—no elk were harmed—and represent the top 10 to 15% of the elk antlers on the market.

Heartland elk antlers weigh a hefty 1/3 to 1/2 pound giving your dog plenty of chew time. In comparison, lower grade antlers weigh 1 to 2 ounces or even less—the lifetime of a lower grade antler is significantly shorter than a Heartland antler.

I think we’d all prefer our dogs spent their time chewing on a nutrient-packed antler than the legs of grandma’s heirloom armchair, wouldn’t you agree?

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  • Grade A – the highest rating for antler quality
  • Hard brown antlers retain all the nutrients
  • High moisture retention providing for an aromatic taste
  • Bigger antlers (7 to 9 inches) offers more chew time


  • More expensive than other brands
  • Might be a little too big for smaller dogs

“These are top quality elk antlers. I’ve bought 2 so far & the most recently shipped was over a foot long. I have pitbull power chewers & these give hours of enjoyment when all other chew toys are destroyed in minutes.”

Pitbull Pawrents – 12/15/2019

“Excellent product and exactly as described. Will be purchasing from again. My 2 Dobes and pit/lab/Weim mix love them!! Chewing happily!! Thank you!”

Vicki Wise – 12/14/2019

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This extra-large elk antler dog chew from Elkhorn boasts a grade–A rating. It is ideal for mid– to large-sized dogs (50 to 90 pounds). The average antler from this brand is 6 to 10 inches long and has a diameter of 1.25 to 2 inches. That’ll keep your dog busy for a while!

The antlers are harvested from the wild after the elk naturally shed their antlers. They are also sanded down so your best-friend can chew safely and happily on their treat.

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  • Good sized bone for longer chew time
  • Grade–A rating ensures the highest quality elk antlers
  • 100% natural and sustainable


  • Although large, it is a little softer
  • Size and shapes may vary since these antlers are collected from the wild

“My mom has had these for her dog and every time we took our dogs to visit, they would chew on them. I was amazed at how long they last being chewed on daily. Finally ordered them for my girls and they love having them.”

Amazon Customer – 12/03/2019

“My beagle, a power chewer loves this product! Highly recommend!”

Camilla Hames – 11/19/2019

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These extra-large, split elk antlers, also from Elkhorn, offer your dog direct access to the tasty marrow he so craves!

The antler chunks range from 6 to 10 inches in length and provide for a softer chew for your dog. Just like Elkhorn full antlers, their split option has a grade–A rating ensuring your dog is chewing on a natural, sustainable, and high-quality treat.

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  • Split antlers are softer, so less chance of breaking teeth for aggressive chewers
  • Less costly than full antlers
  • Grade A ensures a natural, odorless, and high-quality chew option for your dog


  • Split antlers have a shorter lifespan
  • Not as durable as full antlers

“My black lab puppy loves this! It’s lasted forever (had it for 3 months now and she chews on it daily). It also has enough give to it that I’m not worried about her cracking her teeth.”

SDC – 12/17/2019

“My 4 year old lab is an aggressive chewer. This bone is still holding up well despite him chewing at it every night for a week solid. Well worth the money!”

Amazon Customer -11/07/2019

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If you’re looking for a natural option to give your teething pup some relief, look no further than Heartland’s gradeA deer antlers for dogs. These deer bones offer plenty of nutrients and last much longer than plastic chew toys.  

GradeA rated antlers are antlers recently shed by deer and harvested within a short period. That means a fresher and more nutrient-dense antler for your dog to chew on! In contrast, lower grade antlers will be out in the sun longer, resulting in a dry, chalky, and cracked antler.  

Heartland is committed to offering only the best antlers, and its premium deer antlers for dogs are no exception. Your dog does deserve the best, doesn’t he?  

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  • Harder exterior makes this antler last longer
  • Completely natural with no preservatives or fillers
  • Odorless and mess-free—makes for a happy dog and happy owner
  • Grade–A rated deer antlers only—no cracked or brittle antlers here!


  • Takes your dog longer to reach the marrow since the exterior is harder
  • Inconsistent sizes, some may be smaller, and some may be larger

“Our large breed puppy can knaw on this antker forever and it will not splinter, break or chip, she loves it, worth the money. It doesnt stink and wont stain our carpet. ”

Denice Adams – 12/14/2019

“Both my boxers, who are notorious for absolutely destroying their toys, took to the antlers right away and it soon became their favorite chew toy. The products lasts, and keep them engaged when they feel the need to gnaw. Ordering again, as this product outlasted any other chew toy by far.”

Stephen – 11/30/2019

get antler to puppy

Big Dog Antler Chews are another option for grade–A deer antler, perfect for mid– to large-sized dogs. This ‘Big Dog’ antler truly lives up to its name with an impressive 9– to 13-inch length. Big Dog antlers are a complete antler piece with two or three points. They also come cut and sanded to remove any sharp edges. 

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  • Comes as a whole antler–not pieces–giving plenty of chew time
  • Mess-free and odor-free–ideal for the indoors
  • Whole-antler is 100% natural and has no preservatives or fillers


  • The points may be challenging for dogs to chew on
  • Costly compared to the other deer antler options
  • Not suitable for smaller dogs

“Both my labs enjoy chewing on these! As they are older dogs, they don’t chew on them a lot so they last a long time.  A great product for strong chewers.”

thread head – 11/26/2019

“My dog doesn’t like toys much but give him a antler and see him smile. I have a pit bull about 86 pounds and this antler will last him around 6-7 months. I like them because they don’t smell and they don’t splinter or chip.”

L. Donohoe – 11/20/2019

big dog antler chews

The WhiteTail Naturals three-pack comes with three 5– to 6-inch long deer antlers, keeping your small– to medium–sized dog content and preoccupied for a long time. These deer antlers are sourced directly from the US. Naturally shed, each antler is obtained responsibly.  

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  • Natural and full of nutrients – great for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • Durable and can last for months
  • Good value for the three antlers


  • Takes your dog longer to reach the marrow since the exterior is harder
  • Dryer than other antlers—some dogs may not like this
  • Not suitable for larger dogs or ‘power chewers’

“After searching for a long time for the best value, I purchased this three pack. I have three dogs (75lb lab, 45lb border collie, 50lb collie puppy) that are big chewers, especially the teething puppy. This allowed each pup to have their own antler. They are whole antlers, not splits, around 6inches long. It has been just over a week and the antlers are still going strong.

I’m impressed and highly recommend this product.”

Rachel 11/05./2019

“I have THREE hound dogs and these antlers are a HUGE lifesaver financially. They’re way way more cost-effective than buying alternative bones.”

Jennifer McRae -11/02/2019

whiteTail naturals antlers

Moose antler provides a softer chewing surface. They are great for young pups with developing teeth and older dogs who may have dental issues. Mountain Dog Chews are 100% organic, all-natural, grade–A rated antlers obtained from the western-USA. Each chew is 7– to 9-inches long and cut into the shape of a paddle.  

Not only will these chews clean your dog’s teeth, but they are also an excellent source of nutrients, including calcium, zinc manganese, collagen, and amino acids. 

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  • Can be more enticing for dogs due to the softer exterior
  • Larger surface area reduces risk of a choking hazard
  • Ideal for dogs of all types and sizes


  • Pricier than deer or elk antlers
  • Because it’s softer, it may wear down quicker

“I have 2 Newfoundland’s and finding something that lasts more than 15 minutes has been difficult. Let me tell you these, so far, have lasted a week, still nice size, and they chew on them for hours!!!! So great to be able to find something for giant dogs!!!! ”

Amoore – 08/09/2019

“My Weimaraner is an avid chewer and this purchase did not disappoint! I bought a moose antler from this vendor almost a year ago and it still is his favorite. He chews on it daily and you can barely see any difference in size. Definitely worth the investment!”

KELLEY K MILLER – 07/30/2019

whiteTail naturals antlers

Are Antlers Good for Dogs?

We know that most dogs love to sink their teeth into a nice piece of antler, but like junk food, just because you love something doesn’t mean it’s good for you, right? Well, luckily for antler-loving dogs everywhere, it turns out high-quality antlers are indeed quite good for dogs. Here are some reasons why:  

  • Cleans teeth: Oral hygiene is often neglected when it comes to canine health care. Calcium-rich antlers will help scrape off plaque and remineralize their teeth
  • Keeps them busy: As all dog owners know, if you want to keep your furniture or sofa intact, you’ll need to keep your four-legged friend busy. Antlers will do just that as your dog focuses on getting to that delicious marrow. 
  • Provides nutrients: According to a University of Georgia study (cited in a QDMA article), a whitetail deer’s antler provides up to 11 different minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, and even the likes of potassium, zinc, and iron. That’s a lot of nutrients for your dog!

Are Deer Antlers Safe for Dogs?

With plenty of debate on both sides of the table, you may be wondering to yourself, are deer antlers safe for dogs? The last thing you want is your best friend to break a tooth, or perhaps accidentally ingest a sharp piece of antler.  

The most common concern with antlers for dogs is the potential for tooth damage. This concern has been pointed out by veterinarians, such as Dr. Marty Becker.  

The fact is, there hasn’t been much research done on antler safety for dogs. Most of the suggestions you’ll hear are anecdotal. It is generally recommended you supervise your dogs as they are enjoying their antler chew. However, this is true for all chew toys. 

The quality of the antlers also matters. Antlers are rated based on a grading system. Lower–grade antlers are stiffer and more brittle, resulting in a higher chance of tooth damage.   

Antlers are considered safe so long as you monitor their usage. Once the antler has become small enough for your dog to swallow, it’s time to toss it out. Buying high-quality antlers will also help reduce the risk of splintering or cracking.  

As each dog is different, use sound judgment when giving antlers to your dogs. Be careful if you’ve got an over-zealous chewer. For most of the dogs out there, though, you can trust that high-quality antlers are quite safe.  

Elk vs. Deer Antlers for Dogs

Elk versus deer antlers—are there any differences? Will your dog like one over the other? Those are good questions.   

An elk is a much larger animal than a deer, so it’s no surprise elk antlers are generally larger and heavier than deer antlers. In fact, one entire elk antler can weigh up to 10 pounds! Compare that to a deer antler weighing in at about 2 pounds.  

Other than size and weight, elk antlers also have a softer exterior than deer. This softer exterior makes it easier for your dog to get to what they’re really after–the delicious marrow inside.   

Between elk, moose, and deer, deer antler is the hardest of the three. The outer bone layer is thicker compared to the marrow. Your dog will need to work a little harder when chewing a deer antler!  

Just as every antler is unique, so is every dog. Your dog will have its own preferences. Whether it’s elk, moose, or deer antlers, try them all out. Perhaps your dog will be more engaged with one over the other, or maybe they won’t even notice the difference and love all three!  

Our Choice of the Best Antlers for Dogs

In our list, we’ve reviewed some of the best elk, deer, and moose antlers for dogs. When choosing antlers for your dog, we always recommend high-quality, grade–A rated antlers. Grade–A rated antlers retain more moisture (tastier), are softer (safer), and have plenty of nutrients (healthier).  

We recommend Heartland Antlers as our top choice in the elk antlers category. They are sourced ethically and naturally from the US. Rated in the top 10 to 15% of all elk antlers, you can rest easy knowing you’re investing in high-quality antlers for your dog.  

In the deer antlers category, again Heartland is what we’d recommend as our top choice. We find they offer the perfect balance between size, weight, freshness, and overall quality. These antlers will also likely last the longest due to their harder exterior. 

For moose antler, we only found one suitable choice, Mountain Dog Chews, but that doesn’t make them a lesser option. Moose chews are just harder to come by.   

Overall, we’d recommend the Heartland Elk Antlers as our top pick. They are versatile and provide a great tasting chew for all types of dogs. They’re not as hard as the deer antlers but not as soft as the moose antlers–making for a happy medium between the two.  

I think it’s safe to say, we’d all prefer a happy, healthy, and preoccupied pup, and that’s entirely possible with these Grade–A Heartland Elk Antlers.  

Order yours today!