Best CBD Oil For Dogs

With the recent vote in favor to approve the Farm Bill, the CBD market has gone from hot to on fire! Hemp farmers are now able to sell crops legally for the production of CBD oil. This is a huge step forward for CBD brands all around the country.

The legalization of industrial hemp is also good news for your dog! Before the Farm Bill, growers and manufacturers were not able to easily get loans or even open bank accounts. This made it extremely hard for them to effectively manage their businesses.

These restrictions greatly limited the ability to produce products in a cost-effective manner. Now, because CBD oil is now legal to purchase online, there are more companies making it and new brands coming onto the scene that specialize in CBD specific for dogs. And the best part is that these brands are not cost-prohibitive to purchase!

Understanding CBD Oil

Dogs and humans are a lot more similar than you might think. Sure, your dog will do things that you pensive as extremely gross but at a biologically level we have a lot in common.

The biggest similarity is that dogs and humans both have an endocannabinoid system. This system is an important part of brain function and appears to play a very important regulatory role in the secretion of hormones related to reproductive functions and response to stress.

In simple terms, humans and dogs both benefit from CBD oil in a very similar fashion.

Before going any further, it is very important to note that CBD oil will not get you (or your dog) high! CBD is extracted using a sophisticated cold press method that ensures only the CBD oil is taken from the plant, leaving behind any THC (what gets you high). Furthermore, most CBD oils are extracted from the Hemp plant, not the marijuana plant. The hemp plants contain no THC at all. You could smoke a whole field of the stuff and not get high – this is definitely not recommended to try!

Choosing The Best CBD Oil For Your Dog

When it comes to choosing a new brand of CBD oil you should start by figuring out the correct dose that you need to give your dog. This dose usually is dependent on weight and age.

Some CBD oils are purer and therefore have a higher percentage of CBD in them. You will want to understand which brand has what percentage before jumping into a supplement program for your pet.

Another important factor to consider is Isolate versus Full Spectrum CBD. Isolate is great for targeting specific inflammation and pain while Full Spectrum is better as a daily supplement.

If you are looking to treat arthritis, for example, the isolate might be the better choice. However, if you are looking to start your pet on a supplement program, the full spectrum will provide them with all the health benefits that the plant has to offer.

Now that you know what kind of CBD oil to purchase you can dive into the different brands.

Other Considerations

The taste of CBD oil is very bitter. If you have a big dog and are a small person, it can be hard to get your dog to take their daily dose of CBD oil. Luckily, most brands also offer treats that mask the taste and make it easy for your dog to get all the benefits of CBD oil!

We hope this helps you on your journey to finding the best CBD oil for dogs.

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