Best CBD Oil Treats For Dogs

Best CBD Oil Treats For Dogs

Pet owners everywhere are discovering the benefits of CBD dog treats and CBD oils for their furry friends. With the recent federal approval to allow CBD oil to be sold over the counter, companies are racing to develop new products and optimize the health benefits of their products.

From helping to reduce chronic pain to minimizing tremors and seizures, the list of health benefits from CBD oil is rapidly growing. Scientist are constantly testing and analyzing the health benefits from using

CBD oil as a daily supplement for dogs as well as using CBD isolates as a pain relief supplement. The studies consistently show better results than using prescription medication.

About CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound that is 100% natural and derived from hemp and cannabis. Most of the pet products on the market get their CBD oil from Hemp plants. The extraction process ensures that the oils do not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), this is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana that gets you “high”.

Some of the health benefits of CBD oil in pets that scientists have found are:

* Relief from chronic pain

* Relief from arthritis

* Reduction in nausea and vomiting

* Help to reduce tremors and/or seizures

* Mood enhancement

* Reduction in inflammation & pain relief

How To Administer CBD Oil

The CBD oils have a bitter taste which makes it tough sometimes to get your dogs excited about ingesting it. To combat this issue, pet CBD brands are baking treats and cookies for dogs that are loaded with the CBD oil. These treats make it easy to get your dog their daily serving of CBD oil.

Not all CBD treat companies use the same percentage or CBD oil. For this reason, it is important to review the package so you know the proper dose to provide your pet.

While CBD oil is non-toxic, meaning they will not overdose from eating too much CBD oil, it is expensive and your bank account will take a hit if you are not careful with administering the proper daily dose.

CBD Isloate Vs. Full Spectrum

There are two varieties of CBD oil, CBD isolate and CBD full spectrum. CBD isolate is most easily compared to taking an aspirin. The isolate is designed to target pain and provide relief. Aspirin was originally derived from the bark of willow trees and formulated to target pain. CBD is extracted from hemp plants in a similar manner, using cold CO2 extraction that prevents radicalization of the compound. This extraction process ensures only the most pure oil is taken out of the plant.

Full spectrum CBD oil is extracted the same way but taken from the entire plant so that the user gets the full spectrum of health benefits from the plant. You will most likely use full spectrum oil as part of a daily routine while taking isolate for targeted pain relief.

While both are great and provide a laundry list of health benefits, the goal is to properly absorb the oil into your system. To do this you need to consider your pets entire diet and pair the CBD oil with what they are eating. For example, pets that are eating poultry rich diets should switch to more beef rich diets before starting a CBD routine. This is because the CBD oil does not work as well with the fats from poultry as it does with the fats found in beef.

Other considerations are the medicines your dog is currently on. Most vets are well versed in talking about how CBD oil works with medications. While CBD is non-toxic, it still cannot be absorbed as well based on certain foods people are taking.

Best CBD Dog Treats

When purchasing CBD dog treats, it is important to find ones with a high percentage of CBD oil. Many brands are putting very little oil in their products, forcing the pet owner to give their dog handfulls of treats to meet the dose.

Reputable brands use atleast 3-5% of CBD oil in the ingredient list. Make sure the treats you buy have atleast this percentage.

To see our top pick for CBD dog treats, click here.

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