Best Pain Relief For Dogs

best pain relief for dogs

Seeing your dog in pain when you come home is extremely hard. Finding a pain remedy for your dog does not have to be. With so many new options available, finding pain relief for your dog is easier than ever. With the average trip to the vet becoming more expensive each year, pet owners are searching for new options that do not involve expensive visits and pharmaceutical drugs.

Pet owners are finding holistic approaches to training occasional and chronic pain through cannabis derived products. Most commonly cannabidiol oils (CBD oils) are being used as daily supplements to reduce the daily pain some dogs have suffered with.

Using CBD Oil For Pain Relief

Just like humans, dogs have an endocannabidiol system that regulates mood, anxiety, and connects to pain receptors. A variety of things can cause your system to be short on the compounds it needs to function correctly. When this happens, the potential for increased anxiety is increased.

As you may know yourself, the more anxious and stressed you are the worse you feel. If your pet is already suffering from chronic pain, an imbalance in the endocannabidiol system can further worsen the pain they are having.

By supplementing with CBD oils, you can restore your pets molecular balance and improve their overall mood. Pure CBD oil is extracted from the whole hemp plant and contains superfood nutrients.

One of the properties of CBD oil is that it is known to decrease inflammation. By taking CBD oil daily, your dog can potentially have less pain and reduced inflammation. Because CBD oils are cold-pressed from the plant, there is no risk of imbalance of free radicals in the oil.

Supplements like fish oil are hot-pressed which increases the likelihood of imbalance. Taking a supplement that is not stable can actually have a reverse effect and cause further inflammation. Opting for high-quality CBD oil is a great way to ensure that your pet is getting the best supplement.

Treating Chronic Pain Vs. Localized Pain

There are two types of CBD oils that are extracted from the hemp plant, Isolate, and Full-Spectrum. The process to extract isolate is much more complex and takes significantly more time to process. Because of the way it is extracted, the isolate is more potent and best for treating targeted pain.

Just like Aspirin, CBD isolates targets the pain receptors as well as reduces inflammation. Because CBD oil is non-toxic, there is not a risk of overdosing by taking too much. This is not the case with Asprin and a substantial dose can cause serious illness or worse.

If your pet is having specific pain, using a CBD isolate can be a great way to target and reduce pain.

Full-spectrum CBD oil is a great daily supplement that can provide a variety of health benefits to your pet. Dogs that have chronic pain will benefit from taking CBD oil daily.

Because full spectrum uses the entire plant, your dog will get a more well-rounded oil which can contribute to improving their overall health.

Rest As A Remedy For Dog Pain

Good old fashion rest is still one of the best remedies for treating pain. A combination of CBD oil and lots of rest will dramatically improve the health of your pet. CBD oil will help your dog get the rest and relaxation that they need to reduce pain and get better.

Limiting your dog’s playtime and focusing on short walks will help your pet health through active recovery. Dogs need both active recovery and quiet time to rest.

Puppies are often getting injured and because their kidneys are still developing it is sometimes dangerous to give them pain medication. Using a non-toxic supplement like CBD oil is a great way to reduce pain without harming your dog’s kidneys

Final Thoughts On Pain Relief For Dogs

Above we explained some of the benefits that you can get from using CBD oil for your dog. Be sure to read the dosage for pets as it varies greatly between what the human dose would be. As with any new supplement, it is important to monitor the reaction of your pet to the product.

Even though CBD oil is non-toxic, it can cause your dog to have an upset stomach if too much is administered. Check with your vet about dose recommendations and how the CBD oil could react with other medications your pet is taking

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