Best Way to Train Your Dog

Best Way to Train Your Dog

Training and socializing your dog are among its more basic needs. It is important to start sooner than later so that they learn to play well with others. Along with socializing, providing a routine of training will give your dog a sense of purpose and make them feel important.

House Training Your Dog

House training your dog is the first step in getting them used to being trained. Being consistent and providing positive reinforcement is very important to house breaking your pet. Some dogs will urinate when overly excited or stressed out, it is important that you do not punish your dog for doing this.

As your dog learns to go potty in the correct spots, reward them with treats and lots of love. They will start to learn quickly based on your emotions when they go potty in the right or wrong space.

Leash Training For Dogs And Puppies

Start by attaching your dog’s leash and letting it drag behind him. This will allow your dog to get used to having a leash attached. Once your dog is comfortable with the collar and leash on you are ready to pick up the leash.

Start in the same small area and just hold the leash while your dog plays and walks around. You can start calling their name and rewarding them with treats as they come to you.

If you dog is pulling excessively on the leash, drop the leash and use treats or toys to lure them back to you. It is important that they feel comfortable on the leash. It is important to practice often, even if it is for 5 to 10 minutes a day. This consistency will ensure your dog learns the methods and enjoys being on leash.

Socializing Your Puppy

Taking your dog or puppy around other dogs is very important for their cognitive growth. Socialized dogs are less likely to develop behavior problems as they grow older.

Socializing your dog will make them happier and much better behaved.

Basic Commands And Tricks

Dogs love a challenge and enjoy learning new things. Teaching your dog basic commands like sit and stay is fun for them. Teaching them these commands will also low the chances of them developing behavior problems and will keep your dog safe.

Ongoing Training

Teaching your dog to sit and calling it good is not proper training. Just like humans, dogs have the desire to continue to learn and enjoy challenges. It is important that you continue to work with your dog on new tricks. Socializing is the same thing and you will need to continually take them to dog parks or schedule play dates so that they get the socialization they crave.

Different Breeds Need Different Outlets

Not all dog breeds are the same and some dogs will require much more ongoing training and attention to maintain their focus. If you have a very active dog, it may be worthwhile to take advanced training classes that really challenge them. Border Collies and Cattle Dogs want to be working and have a task to do. Without a job they will develop anxiety.

Other dogs like English Bulldogs are happy to have a short game of fetch a couple times a day to keep them satisfied. These dogs will not like the high energy training that a border collie thrives for. Pay attention to your dog’s postures and focus on what brings them joy and excitement. When you find this, you can plan activities the two of you can enjoy together.

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