Can CBD Oil Help With Dog Anxiety?

CBD oils are getting a lot of attention these days for their remarkable abilities to help reduce anxiety and fight illness. Many people do not realize that these same advancements in human consumption of CBD are also transitioning to pets.

The main issue people seem to have with CBD and Hemp oils are based around the stigma that they will get you high. This is a short-sighted fear that is scientifically unsubstantiated.

Top Reasons To Use CBD Oil For Dogs

The hemp plant has been around since 2800 BC and was used heavily in China as a pain-relieving medication. Because of the blend of fatty acids and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), hemp oils and hemp milks are a great way of enhancing your dog’s overall health.

Dogs are able to synthesize GLA and actually need it constantly for optimal health. Even the healthiest dogs can have a GLA deficiency that could lead to anxiety issues. If your dog gets overly anxious when you leave, they could benefit from adding hemp oil to their diets.

In addition to helping with anxiety, hemp oils will help with inflammation, weight management, and skin allergies. It also has great anti-cancer properties on top of all these other great benefits.

Why You Should Try CBD For Dog Anxiety

The list of health benefits that you will get from using CBD is so long that I will not even start to name them. What you need to know is that the active elements in CBD will help your dog with anxiety. Here is why…

If your dog is overly destructive or soils the house while you are away there is a good chance they are suffering from separation anxiety.

Pet owners have been providing their pets with a dose of CBD oils about 30 minutes prior to leaving and seeing a dramatic effect in the reduction of anxiety. This is not getting your dog high in any way but rather giving them a supplement that works with their biology to enhance their mood and reduces anxiety.

Most of the apprehensions behind using CBD is that it is derived from marijuana and therefore not good for the animal. While CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, it does not contain any THC which is the substance that has psychological effects.

Science has shown that CBD and hemp oils are more similar to fish oils than any kind of controlled substance. In fact, both CBD and Hemp oils are becoming a much more preferred source of Omega fatty acids than fish oils. Because fish oils are extracted using heat there is a much greater chance that they become unstable. When the become unstable they will actually have the reverse effect and be counter beneficial.

Hemp and CBD oils are extracted using a cold press or cold CO2 extraction. This ensures that the purest form of the oil is extracted and that it will not become radicalized or unstable.

Getting Started With CBD Oil

When it comes to CBD and Hemp oils, quality is key. Many companies are adding a small dose of CBD oils in order to put it as an ingredient on their packaging and raising the price. These products are not going to give your dog the anti-anxiety effects that they need.

Be sure to use products with at least 5% CBD oil in them. This is the case for both dog treats and oil concentrates. Keep in mind that there is a huge range in the percentage of oils that are contained in concentrates, treats, and foods.

Many pet owners are placing bit stickers on each of the products with the percentage within it so that they do not over or under dose their animal. Under-dosing will not provide benefits of anti-anxiety and therefore is like throwing money down the drain.

Similarly, providing too much of a dose will not be absorbed by the dog and be wasting oils as well. With a steep price tag on most CBD and Hemp oils, you want to find the perfect amount to provide your pets so they are getting the best results and you are not breaking the bank.

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