Choosing The Best Dog Treats

While your dog will eat pretty much anything your pass their way, there are some dog treats that will provide health benefits to your dog while putting a smile on their face. What might come as a surprise is that dogs do have a taste for specific treats. So, just as you have your favorite brand of cookies, your dog has their own favorite flavor treat.

Not only is your dog aware of the taste, they are also very conscious of the texture of the treat. Some dogs are very picky about which style treat they are given. Luckily, there is an endless supply of dog treats available to please even the most picky puppy! Plus, all the treats that we reviewed are all natural and approved by the treat tester, Pepe.

Pepe smelling one of the many treats that were sampled.

What Kind Of Treats Were Tested

Because we only want the best products going to our furry friends, we only tested treats with all natural ingredients. You know, the kind of ingredients that you can actually read!

This means that some of the larger brands were not included because of the amount of preservatives that they add. Rather, we found a variety of new small batch brands that look closely at the ingredients that go into the products. After all, wouldn’t you rather buy treats from a company who’s staff is giving those same products to their own fur babies?

Not only did the types ingredients play a big role, but the amount of each ingredient was important as well. The best treats are those that are rich in crude protein and nutrient dense carbs like sweet potatoes. For this reason, treats with corn or soy were excluded as these are filler supplements that do not provide your dog with much nutritional value.

The Top Ranked Treats

Now is the moment you have been waiting for, the best dog treats in each category! If your dogs likes chewy treats, crunchy treats, calming treats, jerky style treats or freeze dried treats, we have got the winner in each category.

Best Chewy Treat: Carnivore Crunch Beef Treat

Don’t let the name fool you, even though they are called crunch treats, these tasty morsels are chewy and flavorful. Packed full of rich crude protein, they are also a healthy option for your puppy.

Best Crunchy Treat: Zukes Mini Naturals

Easy to eat a handful style treats, Zukes makes a fun snack that your dog will love during playtime. Nutrient dense, these natural dog treats are a great option for all dogs.

Best Calming Treats: K9 Kare CBD Oil Treats

Infused with pure CBD oil, these calming treats are the perfect snack for your dog before a big storm. Developed by professional dog trainers and boarders, these treats have greatly reduced stress in dogs during major weather events.

This is a big issue for dogs as they can sense foul weather much earlier than humans can. Some dogs get very anxious when a storm is brewing and these calming treats are the perfect way of naturally relaxing your dog.

Best Jerkey Style Treat: Ziwi Peak

You might be tempted to try a piece yourself because it looks so good! Your dog will love chewing on a Ziwi jerkey stick after a long day of playing fetch.

Best Freeze Dried Treats: Stewart Pro-Treat

Available in freeze dried beef liver, this is a great choice for super nutrient dense treats. For french bulldog owners, your dog will go crazy over the delicious beef liver. And, because frenchies should stay away from any chicken product, this is the perfect option for your little guy.

Choosing The Best Treats

As we mentioned above, your dog has specific tastes to different treats. For this reason we recommended trying a few options and testing which ones your dog likes best. Afterall, if you are going to spend the money on treats, why not get the ones that they love!

Be sure to check for any allergies or dietary restrictions your dog has before trying any of the treats listed above. This article is not meant to treat, cure or diagnose any illness or disease. Talk with your vet before any major diet change.

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