Dog of the Week – Chealsea Lou

Dog of the Week

Chealsea Lou

This weeks Dog of the Week is Chealsea Lou! Chealsea is a 13 year old Blue Heeler mix. She has been apart of the family since she was born! This is one of my personal dogs.

Chealsea has done a good bit of traveling around the country! She loves water and enjoys visiting the lake to swim. Chealsea has been a trooper since being a pup as she is the only surviving pup our of her litter, her mom included. They were all sick, but fortunately Chealsea pulled through! She survived getting hit by a truck in 2012, while being walked on a leash! She's one tough gal! 

She is not your typical cattle driving heeler either, matter in fact she is very calm and relaxed! Well especially now in her old age, but when she was younger she chased squirrels and birds as her pass time. She would go literally everywhere with me, if you saw Chealsea out in the neighborhood, then you'd know that I wasn't far behind.

More Than Just A Dog, She is Family

She was my first child before having my human child. She is my best friend, we have literally been through everything together that has been thrown at us.

 If someone asked me what motivated me to get more involved with dogs, working with them, training them, and educating about them, I would probably tell you that it all started with Chealsea. She was the first dog that I trained myself. My first responsibility, I've used her to help other people become comfortable around dogs. I've used her to demonstrate training techniques for others who wanted to learn simple training techniques for their dogs. 

Chealsea is literally the reason I do what I do today. She sparked that interest from the moment I first seen her at a few days old. She has been apart of my life for the last 13 years, she is everything to me. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to have her enter my life when I was 11 years old. Chealsea is the best cuddle buddy who things she's a lap dog! 

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