Finding Natural Pain Relief for Dogs

Finding Natural Pain Relief for Dogs

Finding consistent and natural pain relief medication for your dog has historically been very difficult. With limited time and research going into available remedies, most pet owners have been forced to rely on expensive pharmaceutical drugs.

The cost of these drugs goes further than your pocketbook and has been shown to have negative effects on your pet’s health long term. Some kidney and liver diseases often develop from years of using

prescription medications. Just as serious, there are also psychological issues that typically result from overuse of medications.

As more pet owners are wising up to these health issues associated with pharmaceutically engineered drugs, a more holistic approach is becoming more popular for treating chronic pain in dogs.

Natural Pain Relief Remedies for Dogs

When it comes to natural pain relief options for dogs, the number one choice today is cannabidiol oil (CBD oil). This oil is extracted from hemp plants and contains a wide variety of superfood and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Taken daily as a supplement, CBD oils have been shown to reduce inflammation in dogs – which is a major cause of chronic pain in pets. The CBD oil not only helps reduce the pain felt, it also targets the source and, in some cases, can relieve the cause of the pain over time.

The best part is that CBD oil is non-toxic. This means that you can combine the CBD oil with any existing medications. This being said, it is always best to check with your vet before starting any new supplement diets for your dog. There are some medications that could have negative side effects when paired with CBD oils so be sure to talk with your vet about using the product before starting.

How CBD Oil Can Help Relieve Pain

Every dog (and human) has an endocannabidiol system that regulates mood, stress, and emotion. Often when injured, this system will become depleted and cause further anxiety and pain. By supplementing with CBD Oils, the endocannabidiol system gets the cannabidiol it needs – from the CBD – and works harder at producing positive emotion and enhanced mood.

Many studies have shown that a positive mood and happiness can help treat illness. By giving your pet an all-natural remedy like CBD oil, you are helping to improve their chances for a less stressful and faster recovery.

If you are new to natural remedies and CBD specifically there are a few key things to know. First, CBD oil does not have any psychological effects. Many people shy away from trying CBD because they don’t want to get their dogs “high”.

The super strict laws that oversee cultivation and extraction of CBD oil ensure that only pure CBD oil is extracted and that there is no THC in the oil (THC is the compound that gets you “high”).

With this tight regulation, more people are trying CBD oil and realizing the insane benefits that is has. No longer is cannabis looked at as an illegal drug, it is now seen as a holistic medication for a variety of ailments.

Starting A Natural Pain Relief Program

While CBD oil is non-toxic, it can take the body some time to get used to it. Some side effects are upset stomach if too much is taken. Before starting with a CBD oil supplement, talk to you vet about your dogs current medications and get their recommended dosage.

Depending on your dog’s taste, the oil can be administered under their tongue or in treat form. For picky dogs, the treats are usually the best way. However, using a dropper to put under their tongue will give faster onset.

Typically, it will take about 2 hours for the treats to ‘kick-in’, while under the tongue will take a half hour or less. If you dog is in pain or very stressed, giving them drops under the tongue will speed up the delivery time.

Not only will your dog get the benefit of natural pain relief, they will also get the full spectrum of other benefits that comes with CBD oil such as Omega fatty acids. Many pet owners are even switching to a CBD supplement focused diet over other Omega rich supplements like Fish Oil. The major benefit being that CBD is cold extracted which eliminates the chances of free radicals whereas fish oil is heat extracted which increases the chances of unstable free radicals.

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