Finding The Best Calming Treats For Dogs

Every dog could benefit from a bit of anti-anxiety medicine now and again. Calming treats for dogs are typically made with all-natural CBD oil. If you are not familiar with CBD oil, it is extracted through an extreme cold press process from the hemp plant. While not all calming treats have CBD oil, it is becoming the common ingredient.

If you are considering calming treats you should not overlook CBD oil. Lots of treats are made with stronger ingredients but when you look at them side by side, you will find that the CBD oils are going to offer a better health options for your dog.

Some people think that CBD oil will get their pet stoned. This is far from the truth. CBD is extracted through a sophisticated cold pressed process that ensures only the purest CBD is taken from the cannabis plant. With strict FDA guidelines, the government ensures that there is never any THC in CBD oil.

When To Use Calming Dog Treats

If your dog gets anxious while you are away or during storms, calming treats are a great way to relax them. When there is a lightning storm on the way your dog could get overly excited and anxious. Giving your dog a few calming treats is a great way to calm their anxiety and relax them during storm.

By giving your dog a few treats, they will not only be happy that you gave them a tasty treat but that their nerves will be calmed during the storm. Not only will the CBD infused calming pet treats give your dog the calming benefits but will also give them other superfood benefits associated with CBD oils.

If you have not looked into CBD oils yet, there are a lot of benefits that come from this amazing oil. Along with anti-anxiety qualities there are major health benefits as well. Mood enhancement and anti-inflammatory are just two of the major health benefits that go along with this compound.

Choosing The Best Calming Treats

When it comes to choosing the right calming treat you need to look closely at the ingredients. If you are choosing a CBD oil treats, be sure to look for high “mg” levels of CBD oil. You will likely see a range from 2mg to 5mg on the packaging. Sometimes you will only see something that says, “contains CBD oil”. If this is the case, it likely has very little CBD oil and is just putting CBD oil included as a way to raise the price.

Choose a product that has at least 5mg of CBD oil per serving. For small dogs, the 5mg would be a good single dose (be sure to check with a vet before giving your dog any CBD oil). By choosing a more potent CBD oil calming dog treat is the best way to ensure your pet is getting the highest quality treat.

Keep in mind that you get what you pay for when it comes to CBD oil infused calming treats. The lower mg treats will not give your dog calming relief and end up costing you more in the long run. Go for the treats that have the most pure CBD in them.

About CBD Oil In Calming Treats

Because of its stress relief properties, CBD oil is becoming the popular choice for dog calming treats. If you are looking to find a natural product to help your pet, than CBD oil pet treats is your best bet.

Derived from the help plant, there are two main types of CBD oil; CBD Isolate and Full Specturm CBD oil (also referred to as Whole Plant). The full spectrum oils are commonly used for most human and pet products since it contains the most nutrients.

The Isolate is a more refined oil that costs more and works well for targeting specific pain or issues. Both are good options for your dog when it comes to calming them down.

If you take CBD yourself and know your does already, don’t use the same math on your body weight-to-mg for your dog. In general you can use the following guide (be sure to check with your vet and read the packaging before administering to your dog).

Small Dogs (under 20lbs): 0.25mg x Body Weight)

Medium Dogs (20 – 60 lbs): 0.25mg x Body Weight)

Large Dogs (60+ lbs): 0.25mg x Body Weight)

Each tincture contains different levels of CBD oil. For small dogs you can use a 150ml tincture, while with large dogs you should use the 600ml tincture. More detailed instructions will be on the packaging, always follow these instructions and the advice of your vet.

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