Heavy Duty Dog Crate – Escape Proof Dog Crate

Crate training is a fabulous way to help your dog cope with separation anxiety. Crates provide a safe space where your canine companion can feel secure when you’re gone. With regular, consistent use, crate training can help reduce separation anxiety, resulting in a happier and less destructive dog.

Unfortunately, many dogs with intense separation anxiety can break through typical dog crates, making it essential you investigate heavy-duty crates instead. These are more robust, and they’re built with stronger materials and specialized door locks to increase security without affecting your pooch’s comfort.

Strong Crates for Dogs

A lot of manufacturers claim to make escape-proof crates, but many tend to fail at keeping a determined dog inside. If you want to avoid coming home to a destroyed crate and demolished house, it’s important to spend the money on a heavy-duty crate that is robust and strong.

An excellent heavy-duty crate should be built from metal, ideally with solid walls instead of a mesh framework. But you should never compromise your dog’s comfort for security, so always be sure to choose a well-ventilated crate.

When shopping for dog crates, also be sure to keep size in mind. You should choose a crate in which your dog can turn around and stand up straight without difficulty. Your first step should be to measure your dog to ensure that your dog finds its crate comfortable and secure.

1. ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

The ProSelect Empire Dog cage is an excellent choice if you have a master escape artist. Not only is it made of solid 20-gauge steel, but it also has dual latches to prevent your dog from opening the door.

All the stress points, including the welded corners, are reinforced, making the cage impossible for any dog to damage or destroy. The cage comes in medium and large sizes, making it available in sizes appropriate for most breeds of dogs.

In addition to being secure and safe, the Empire cage has several extra features that owners will appreciate. The floor grate includes a tray that makes clean-up and hygiene easy to manage.

As the cage is very heavy, especially when there’s a dog in it, the Empire crate also comes with removable casters. If you need extra stability, you can keep the casters off, and just attach them when you expect to be moving the cage around.


  • Very strong and durable
  • Hammer-tone finish can resist its share of chewing and abuse
  • Lots of extra features that owners will appreciate


  • Expensive
  • The floor grate may be uncomfortable for smaller dogs when moving around
  • 2. MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

    MidWest Homes for Pets dog crate aims to ensure that your dog is safe, comfortable, and secure while in its crate. The slide-bolt latches make it difficult for your dog to escape, while the rounded corners and durable steel bars keep your dog safe and secure.

    A nifty feature of this crate is that it comes with a divider that can you can use if you’re crate training a puppy. You can choose a crate that your dog will still be able to use when it reaches its full adult size and use it throughout your furry friend’s lifetime. You can move the divider around to ensure the crate is always the appropriate size.

    The crate is also foldable, which makes it very convenient to take along when you travel and need to provide your dog with a safe space. It also has a removable plastic handle and rubber feet, which makes transportation a breeze.

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    • Easy to assemble and disassemble
    • Divider panel means you only need to buy one crate for your dog’s lifetime
    • Rounded corners keep your dog from harming itself while crated


    • Wire design may be too flimsy for highly stressed dogs
    • Latches are easy for dogs to manipulate

    3. JY QAQA PET Heavy Duty Dog Cage Strong Folding Metal Crate Kennel

    The JY QAQA crate features robust construction that is designed especially for anxious and determined large dogs that might otherwise hurt themselves trying to escape their crates. It features a double-door design with both a top and side door for easy access.

    The crate is made from solid steel and comes with a hammer-tone finish that resists both rust and corrosion. The finish is non-toxic, so your dog remains safe even after chewing or licking the bars. The crate also has wheels for easy transportation and a tray at the bottom for clean-up.

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    • Large enough to accommodate even the heaviest and largest of dogs comfortably
    • Excellent warranty and customer service
    • Easy to assemble and disassemble


    • Some of the bars are flimsy enough for a determined and powerful dog to overcome
    • Wheels don’t hold up under heavy weight

    4. LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage Strong Metal Kennel

    The LUCKUP dog crate comes in two sizes to fit both large and medium breeds of dogs. It’s has a heavy-duty frame covered with a special corrosion- and rust-resistant coating. The frame is made from steel pipes, making it slightly lighter than similar models.

    This crate comes with a tray that fits onto the bottom grate, allowing you to clean up any messes without disturbing your dog. A nifty feature of this heavy-duty crate is its locking wheels, which you can fasten, providing the ideal dual solution for mobility and security.

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    • Three-year warranty and excellent customer service
    • Various sizes for dogs of all sizes
    • Sturdy and robust


    • Plastic trays at the bottom aren’t secured and can rattle
    • Some dogs may find the latches easy to manipulate

    Dog Crate Sizing by Breed

    It’s important to get the right size of crate for your dog. If it’s too small, your dog will be uncomfortable, too big, and misses out on the benefits of a warm, den-like atmosphere that crates are supposed to have. A general rule of thumb is to buy a crate in which your dog can stand up and turn around.

    If you’re shopping around for crates, you might find all sorts of different measurements, making it difficult to decide which one is best suited for your dog. This sizing is further complicated by the fact that many people tend to assume that crates are smaller than they really are, leading to owners buying crates too large for their dogs.

    The best way to get the right crate is to measure your dog. Measure its length from the base of the tail to the tip of its nose. Then, measure its height from foot to the top of its head. These measurements will give you a good approximation of the height and width you’ll need to get.

    If you’re still at the shopping-around stages, you can get a very rough estimate of the size crate you’ll need by weight and breed. The Association of Professional Dog Trainers provides a comprehensive list of dog crate sizes that are appropriate for most breeds of dog. It’s a great place to get started while you’re still evaluating your options, or for buying a future crate for your puppy.

    Heavy Duty Dog Crate for Separation Anxiety

    Separation anxiety is a big problem for many dogs and can affect the relationship that you have with your dog. Some dogs may have mild anxiety, which you can manage by alternative means, but if you find your dog engaging in destructive acts, it may be time to consider a crate.

    Dogs express their separation anxiety in various ways. Some dogs find comfort in chewing and can take that to the extremes of chewing up everything in your home when you’re gone. Other dogs will pace excessively and may show their anxiety by having accidents indoors, even when they are fully house trained.

    Dogs with severe separation anxiety pose a significant danger to themselves. They can get into areas where they can suffocate or suffer from heatstroke, or they can hurt themselves trying to escape the house. A crate provides a safe space for them while you’re not around.

    It’s vital to note that crates aren’t a viable solution by themselves and need to be used as part of a comprehensive plan to ease your dog’s separation anxiety. If you just dump your dog in a crate when you leave, you’ll find that their anxiety will ramp up dramatically.

    Crates should be used mainly as safe spaces that comfort your dog while you’re gone. You can pack the crate with your dog’s favorite toys to make the space fun and comforting for your dog. Be sure to choose the right size of crate, so that your dog doesn’t feel too cramped or too exposed.

    Escape-Proof Dog Crate

    There are many factors to keep in mind when looking for the right crate for an anxious dog. First, you want to have a crate that mimics a den as much as possible. Cave-like crates with solid walls (and plenty of ventilation) are better than cage-like crates as they more closely resemble a cave.

    Dogs chew to find comfort, and anxious dogs can do a lot of damage to crates. Be sure to buy a sturdy crate that can resist your dog’s chewing. Also, make sure that the coating of the crate is non-toxic to protect your dog from accidentally ingesting something harmful.

    No matter what type of crate you decide to buy, you need to make sure that it’s secure. Many dogs are great escape artists that can pick locks, chew through wires, and even tank their way through crates if their anxiety is severe. Find the most robustly constructed and smartly latched crate you can.

    Size matters when it comes to crates. Too small and your dog will feel cramped and uncomfortable. Too big and your dog will feel exposed, which may increase its anxiety even more. Ideally, you want a crate that’s just large enough to accommodate your dog standing up and turning around comfortably.

    Puppy Crate Size – The Right Inside Kennel for Your Puppy

    Crates are an excellent tool for keeping your dog safe and secure while you’re away, as well as being invaluable in housetraining a new puppy. We stressed that the ideal crate is one that isn’t too big or too small for your dog, and that applies to puppies as well.

    Maintaining a right-sized crate does, however, create a bit of a problem for puppy owners. Do you get a crate that’s right for your dog now or one that will be right for it when it’s a fully grown adult? While you can buy a new crate for your puppy each time they outgrow their old one, the costs will pile up fast.

    Another option is to buy a crate that has an adjustable divider so that you can control the size of the crate. The divider allows you to have a crate that will accommodate your full-size dog while still being adjustable for your growing puppy.

    Final Thoughts -What is the best heavy duty dog crate?

    Clearly, there are many types of crates available, but only some are suitable for anxious dogs. We’ve reviewed a couple of products that we think showcase the best crates for dogs with separation anxiety that causes them to chew and be destructive.

    The ProSelect Empire crate is our pick for the clear winner due, thanks to its robust strength and extra features that make it a pleasure to use and comforting for your pooch. If you’ve got an anxious dog, check out this crate and see what a difference it can make in your best friend’s life – and yours!