Hemp Oil For Dogs In Pain

Hemp Oil For Dogs In Pain

Just like us, our pets sometimes fall victim to chronic pain. While you and I can grab an Aspirin to dull the pain, your pet can not. It is your responsibility as a pet owner to analyze your dog’s behavior and treat it as you feel most appropriate.

Too often, pet owners get sucked into the expensive medications that they often fall behind on administering. Leading to the pet owner being financially frustrated and the dog without any relief from their pain.

The recent legalization of Cannabidiol oils has opened up doors to new products for pet owners to administer to their four-legged friends. No longer are pet owners bound to traditional medications, they now can access hemp and CBD products that are proving to be more and more effective in treating medical issues.

Using Hemp Oil As A Supplement

Dogs need supplements just like we do to ensure they are getting the proper nutrition. Most dog foods lack some of the necessary supplements that pets need. When it comes to helping to treat and prevent chronic pain in dogs, supplements can provide dramatic improvement if used correctly.

Hemp oil works directly with the cannabidiol system of the body. This is the same in both humans and dogs. This system controls the general mood and works at a biological level within the body. Some pets [and people] occasionally lack the correct balance within the cannabidiol system. The only supplement that can correct this imbalance is hemp or CBD oil.

Knowing that this system plays such a big part in overall mood and health, it is surprising that it has taken so long for federal approval of hemp products. Fortunately, these products are available now and can be easily purchased online.

Because hemp oil is non-toxic, it can be taken with any existing medication and given daily like a nutrition supplement. Starting your dog on a full spectrum hemp oil supplement is a great way to improve overall health and prevent pain due to inflammation in the future.

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If your dog currently suffers from pain, you can still reap the benefits of hemp oil. To better target the pain, we suggest using a Hemp Oil Isolate. The isolate works like an Aspirin or other pain relief mediation by targeting the source of pain.

Don’t get turned away because hemp oil and CBD oil are derived from cannabis. Many supplements that are available on the market are derived from plants. Take Aspirin for example – this was originally extracted from the bark of a willow tree.

Just because hemp oil is from a cannabis plant does not mean it will get you or your dog high. The oil is extracted using a cold CO2 extraction technique that is able to take out essential oils and not any of the THC (the part that gets you high).

When To Start Using Hemp Oil

If your dog is showing signs of limping or is predisposed to medical issues like hip dysplasia or arthritis, it is a good time to start administering daily doses of hemp oil. The most effective way to give your dog the oil is by drops under the tongue. You can find both Full Spectrum and Isolate hemp oil in Tincture bottles.

Other options include dog treats. Be sure to read the label carefully on the dog treats as many brands will list hemp oil but only include a tiny amount. Look for brands that have at least 5% hemp or CBD oil in the treats. This will ensure your pet is getting the best results and you are not overpaying on treats – most bags start at around $20, double or three times what a normal bag of dog treats costs.

If you have other questions or concerns about hemp oil and using it to help your dogs pain, be sure to consult your vet. Many more vets are now prescribing hemp and CBD oils as part of a treatment process. The vet can consult with you on the full nutrition program for your dog so that they are getting the maximum benefit and maximum pain relief.

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