How Much Hemp Oil Can I Give My Dog

How Much Hemp Oil Can I Give My Dog

You have taken a great first step in getting your dog on a supplement program by reading this article! Congratulations to you for opening your mind to the health benefits that hemp has to offer. To clear the air before we dive it, it is important to know that Hemp Oil will not get you high. That is correct, there is

no psychoactive qualities in hemp oil. So, even if you are very anti-cannabis because of all the DARE classes in middle school, you can still benefit from hemp without getting stoned.

In fact, because hemp is now legal, it is monitored by the FDA. This means that there are federal employees constantly policing hemp growing operations to ensure the quality meets the highest standards.

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Because THC (the stuff that gets you high) is still illegal, the FDA is very strict on the allowable level of THC in hemp plants. This number is something like 0.03%. That is way less than a non-alcoholic beer which is around 0.5%. The FDA is so strict about this requirement that they will actually force farmers to burn the entire crop if there is more than the allowable THC found in just one plant!

Now that you have the inside scoop on how hemp oil is regulated you can dive into the fun part of how much hemp oil you can give your dog.

Giving Your Dog Hemp Oil

First off, you need to understand that hemp oil is a non-toxic supplement. This means that it is more similar to olive oil than it is to NyQuil. Non-toxic means that you will not die if you take too much (this statement is not based off any medical professional experience and simple made from reading other blog posts. Always consult a health care professional before starting any new supplement. Not all supplements react in the same manner with everyone, meaning hemp oil may be toxic to you while it is non-toxic to a majority of other people. Do not drink the whole tincture to test these comments). The same cannot be said for other over the counter medications.

Technically, you can give your dog the same CBD oil that you take yourself. However, it is advised that you purchase pet specific hemp oil that is made for dogs. Dogs have very different weights and need to have the dose adjusted accordingly.

The best way is to seek a vet that has a holistic approach to medicine. There are lots of vets in Colorado and California that can help you. You should call around to see which vets are open to talking about it before asking for an opinion.

On the low end you can give your dog .05mg per pound, on the high end you can give up to .25mg per pound of body weight. Only up the dose if your dog doesn’t respond to the lower tier.

A typical human dose is around 20mg. For your pet, the dose will be much less based on their body weight. You need to figure out how many mg’s are in each drop. Once you have this number you can do the math to figure out how many drops you need to give them.

Starting Hemp Oil

Your dog eats all sorts of things and will likely not have a problem eating from the tincture. You will want to start on the low side of the dose to help treat your dogs issues. So, if your dog is in pain, you can start by giving them a drop or two a day to see how they react and if the issues get better.

Just like anything, you will want to monitor your pet for any abnormal behavior after starting a hemp oil supplement program.

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Please be sure to reply in the comments if you tried hemp oil with your dog and the results that you have gotten. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences with hemp oil and how it work on your pets medical issues.

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