How To Determine If Your Puppy Needs Obedience Training

Getting the proper training early on for your dog can make a huge difference in the relationship you will have over their lifetime with you. A well-trained dog will provide you with the confidence that they understand you. Furthermore, your dog will respect you as the pack leader. When this relationship is formed, they will listen to your commands and work hard to please you.

Dogs are pack animals and thrive when they have a clear understanding of their position in the pack. Sorting this out for them earlier on is a great way to make their life easier.

Dogs Love To Please

Your dog loves to make you happy and works hard to do this. From obvious affections like snuggling you after a long day to less obvious affection like chewing your shoes. Yes, chewing your smelly gym shoes is

a way in which they display affection towards you. Dogs have such a great sense of smell and taste that they can get to know you better by sampling your sweaty apparel.

With proper obedience training, you can prevent the shoe eating and get more of the tail wagging and snuggling. The training that a certified instructor provides reinforces the behaviors that us humans want our dogs to have and corrects the ones that are destructive.

Just as much as dogs and puppy’s love to please they also like to have a challenge. Obedience training gives your dogs the right amount of mental stimulation while also reinforcing positive behaviors. If your puppy is being destructive while you are away, it is a good sign that they likely need some kind of training. Not only to prevent the destruction but also to give them extra mental stimulation so that they are not board and looking for something to do.

Choosing The Best Obedience Training For Your Puppy

If you are waiting to bring home your new puppy for the first time there are a few things to consider that will give your dog a stronger base.

1. Provide your puppy with a safe area where they are free from chewing temptations and if they do have an accident (which they will), you can easily clean up without ruining your floors. I personally love doing a playpen with create attached. This way they can learn to potty outside their create and get comfortable with a sleeping area that they can call their own.

2. Crate training is a huge help. Doing the setup described above is the perfect way to get your puppy started on crate training. They love having their own space and will be happy to snuggle up in the crate whenever they want a break from the attention. Think about it, don’t you like getting away sometimes to your own space?

3. Start slow and stay consistent. As with anything in life, consistency is very important. Start slow with your new puppy and build off the little successes. As they get older you can continue to reinforce the skills you have showed them.

Starting with the three items mentioned above will give your dog a much stronger base to build on. When you do take your puppy to obedience classes, you will end up paying much less in training fees because you took the time early on to give them a good base.

Plus, your dog will be excited to learn even more! It is like college for you dog, they get to go somewhere new, hang out with new people, and learn cool new things – like sit, stay, and roll-over!

You Can Still Teach An Old Dog

If your puppy is at the 1.5 year mark and still acting up, it is not too late to get them started on a obedience program. Trainers are used to working with dogs of all ages and they will be able to help your pup get the training they need to make both your lives easier.

To learn more about puppy obedience training you can contact us here for recommendations of the best trainers in your area. We look forward to hearing from you and meeting your puppy.

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