How To Potty Train Your Puppy

How To Potty Train Your Puppy

Just like getting a new roommate, you and your dog need to set boundaries and have rules. This starts when you bring your new puppy home for the first time. By starting early, you can teach your dog the correct way to go potty and save yourself lots of time cleaning up messes down the road.

To ensure you and your puppy will have a good long-term relationship, you need to teach them where to use the bathroom. Otherwise, they will choose a spot that looks good to them which is often the carpet or a rug.

Follow these 6 easy steps to potty training your puppy and you will enjoy years of happiness with your dog from it.

Use A Crate For Potty Training

While it might sound bad to lock your dog up in a crate, this is not how they view it. Dogs want to have a den where they feel comfortable in. By using crate training techniques, your dog will love to go into their crate and will not soil it – unless they are in for too long. As a general rule, the time your dog can hold their potty is as follows:

* 2 Months Old – 2 to 3 hours

* Every Additional Month – Add 1 hour

* After 6 Months Old – 6 to 8 hours

All dogs are different and as young puppies they will often go potty when they are excited. Be sure to watch your dog closely so you can let them out when they need to go.

Puppy Pads

There are mixed opinions on puppy pads but as a dog owner myself I have found great success with this method. Giving your dog a target to aim for is a great start in teaching them that there is a specific place for them to go potty.

As the puppy matures, you can move the pads closer to the door and eventually outside where they learn that outside is the spot to go.

Using Scheduling For Potty Training

Puppies have no clue what to do. They just want to eat, sleep, play, and potty. Be sympathetic to their small bladders and schedule feedings with when you can take them outside to relieve themselves. Not only will they be getting accustomed to going potty outside, they also get some play time with you in the yard which will put them right to bed after they come back in.

Kindness Over Scolding

Puppys can’t help it that they pee a lot. Things like chewing a bone or meeting someone new will get them excited and cause them to go potty. Chewing a bone and being happy are both really good things for your dog to experience and scolding them for going potty will only make them feel bad.

Accepting that your puppy will pee and poo in your house at least a hundred times is your first step to being a pet parent. Yes, you want to limit this as much as possibly but at the same time accidents do happen.

When your dog does ask to go outside or uses the puppy pad, give them lots of love and praise. This will reinforce to them that they are doing the right thing and make them continue these actions so they can get more attention from you.

Finding The Right Puppy Diet

Most puppies should be fed three small meals a day to make it easier on their developing digestive system. Choosing the best quality food will make it easier for them to absorb the nutrients they need. By being consistent with feeding times, you can control when you take your dog out to go potty after.

Create A Safe Zone For Your Puppy

Setting up a create with a playpen around it is a great way to create a safe zone for your puppy. Choose a spot in your home with tile (or laminate) that is easy to clean as there will be accidents. You can use puppy pads inside of the playpen to start and use the strategies above to continue their potty training.

Happy potty training!

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