Natural Pain Relief For Pets

There is nothing harder than seeing your fur baby in pain. Unfortunately, many of our four-legged friends will suffer some kind of joint pain. Fortunately, with some planning and dieting, your dog will be less susceptible to joint pains and arthritis. We break down the best natural pet relief for pets that you can start doing right away.

When it comes to natural pet relief there is no better product than CBD oils and hemp oils. Paired correctly with natural foods, this combination can do wonders for your pet’s overall health. Just like in humans, your dog’s biology is such that is requires the correct blend of foods to run optimally. The sad truth is that most of us will end up just feeding our dogs whatever food is available at Costco.

By taking time to prepare a thought-out diet you will give your dog a longer and more healthy life. This doesn’t mean you need to break the bank to do it, but more that you will need to understand the science behind certain foods and how they are absorbed into the body.

A great example is when adding CBD to your pets’ diet. Many pet owners do not realize that there is a lot of biology behind how the CBD oils will interact with other foods your pet consumes, such as chicken. The fats in chicken do not react well with CBD or Hemp oils, thus making these two superfood oils less beneficial. However, if paired with a dog food blend that is primarily beef or fish based, the oils will add the most benefit.

Natural Products For Pain Relief

First off, it is important that you are feeding your dog the right food before trying different supplements for pain. Not all dogs can absorb the same proteins that others can. Some studies have shown that French Bulldogs can only absorb about 30-60% of the nutrients from Chicken.

By ensuring your dog is getting the right foods first off will make sure that his nutrition is on point. After you check with your vet or pet nutritionist about the foods you can figure out the right natural supplements to provide them.

As we mentioned before CBD oils and Hemp oils are great choices for natural pain relief. Because of how the CBD and Hemp are absorbed they provide a superfood benefit to your pet.

More studies are showing that giving your dog CBD oils will decrease the effects of common pain issues like arthritis. When used correctly this can dramatically enhance the quality of life for your pet and reduce their pain.

Other Natural Remedies

Depending on the severity of the pain, other remedies like acupuncture have been shown to be effective in helping dogs get pain relief. While not cheap, and typically not covered by pet insurance, acupuncture has proven success with humans and pets.

When looking at the different natural remedies it is a good idea to put a plan in place. Often, this will involve working with your vet to transition off perception medications and incorporate new dietary options to ease the transition.

If your pet has been reliant on pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication for some time, they will need a longer transitionary period – just like a human would. Make sure to slowly take your pet off any existing medications when transitioning to natural remedies.

Pros And Cons

Natural remedies are the purest and as the name would suggest, the most natural. This is much different than prescription drugs that are isolates or chemically engineered. Drugs that are isolates target specific receptors in the body for immediate and fast acting relief.

Many natural products on the other hand provide a full spectrum benefit that does not target one certain area. Rather, they will work with your body’s biology to more it run at its best.

Using natural products for your pet’s pain relief is a great way to avoid long term liver damage and provide them with optimal nutrition so that their body can work to heal itself. To get started on a CBD pain relief program, checkout some of these highly recommended CBD dog products.

Again, be sure to review your pet’s entire nutrition before switching up medications or introducing new supplements. We hope this helps your fur baby get the relief they deserve through natural pain relief remedies.

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