Six Reasons To Use Dog Hemp Oil

Six Reasons To Use Dog Hemp Oil

If you follow nutrition, chances are you have heard about Hemp Seed Oils and their superfood benefits. Did you know that dogs can also benefit from these amazing benefits? By incorporating hemp oil in your dog’s diet, they can get the same superfood benefits that humans get.

Hemp offers some amazing medicinal properties and is a natural superfood. Here are six reasons why to use hemp oil with your dog.

#1 Hemp Has Been Used for Medicinal Benefits Since 2800 BC

The hemp plant originated in China and was used as a pain-relieving medicine. Using modern technology, we are able to cold press the hemp seeds to create a pure oil that contains all the medicinal benefits in a concentrated form.

Hemp oil contains large amounts of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These work to manage inflammation in the body and are very important to overall health.

When you hear omega’s you typically will think fish oils. This is correct but did you know that fish oil is processed using heat? This can cause it to become unstable and loose its benefits. Infact, unstable fish oils can actually be the cause of inflation!

Since Hemp seeds are cold pressed, they are much more stable and therefore keep all of the nutritional benefits.

#2 Hemp Oil Contains Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA)

Dogs are able to synthesize GLA and even with the best dog foods, your furry friend may not be getting all the nutrition they need. Adding hemp oil to their diet gives them the boost in GLA’s that will keep them healthy.

There are reported benefits of reduced inflammation, less skin irritation, weight management, and cancer reducing benefits.

#3 Antioxidant Benefits

Hemp oil contains Vitamin E and Vitamin A which are both excellent immune system boosters. You also get the antioxidant benefits from Hemp oil which keep free-radicals under control and promote better health.

Many dog foods to not contain enough antioxidants for your dog. By adding hemp oil, your dog will be able to synthesize the foods better and get maximum health benefits.

#4 Hemp Oil Reduces Anxiety

It is important to note that Hemp Oil is different than CBD concentrates. Hemp oil is made from the seeds where CBD is made from the stocks and buds of the plant. Because the hemp oil is extracted from the seeds, it contains very little (if any) of the psychological attributes otherwise associated with hemp.

Extracting the oil through cold press ensures that all of the benefits stay with the oil. One of the main benefits is the anxiety-reducing properties. In independent studies, hemp seed oil showed a 25% better response in reducing stress.

#5 CBD Oil – A Better Oil Than Fish Oil

As mentioned before, fish oil is extracted using heat. This process can cause the oil to become radicalized and loose its health benefits. Infact, if it becomes unstable, it can actually cause more harm and lead to increased inflammation.

Because hemp seed oil is cold pressed, it does not lose any of the benefits and eliminates the chance for the oil to become unstable.

You will get the same high levels of Omega Fatty Acids in Hemp Oil as you would in Fish Oils. Plus, hemp oil does not have the fishy odor that fish oils do.

#6 Contains Phospholipids

Phospholipids are known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as boost immune functions. On top of this, they also help in reducing arthritis and inflammation.

Hemp oil contains phospholipids that work with the body to natural repair itself.

Get started on a hemp oil routine today and start to see the effects in your dog’s overall health. Be sure to pair hemp oil with beef or lamb dog foods, and not with a dog food that contains chicken. The hemp oil does not react optimally with chicken and your dog will not get the full benefits.

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