Using CBD To Treat Arthritis In Dogs

The benefits of Cannabidiol oils or, CBD oils for short, are finally available for over the counter sale. Not only do CBD products help treat common pet ailments, they can also be used daily as a supplement.

Pets everywhere will now be able to benefit from the medicinal properties that CBD offers. This is an extremely exciting time for pets and pet owners alike as CBD is totally legal for pet and human consumption.

Many people hear CBD and immediately think it is going to get their dog high. While CBD is derived from the glands of the marijuana flower, there is no “getting high” effect when using CBD oils. There is a lot of science that explains this but for the purpose of discussing dog supplements that is about the just of what you need to know.

Vets are starting to prescribe CBD more commonly now to pets for a variety of ailments. One of the biggest problems that aging pets face is arthritis. Almost every dog will experience some degree of arthritis over their life time, especially into their later years.

Starting a CBD oil regiment as a part of your dogs diet is a great way to hold back early arthritis. Even if your pet currently suffers from arthritis, using CBD products will help alleviate some of their pain.

CBD Oil Dog Treats

There is no better way to tell your dog you love them by giving them a delicious treat. Especially if this treat is loaded with CBD oils that will give them relief to their arthritis.

Now, if your thinking, “sure, of course my dog is going to feel better if I get him stoned”, you are very far from the reality of what CBD is all about. CBD isn’t just an attempt to rename marijuana. The CBD oil is actually extracted using CO2 from the marijuana flower.

Scientists are able to extract the essential oil (CBD) from the cannabis flower without taking with it any of the “getting high”.

So, in a nutshell, you are getting all of the best properties from the cannabis plant without any of the negative side effects.

Don’t worry, this will not happen…

What To Expect When Using CBD On Your Pet

The benefits of CBD react differently with every animal. If your pet suffers from anxiety, you may see a dramatic improvement in their mood after administering CBD. When it comes to issues like arthritis, the benefits are both immediate and long term.

After giving your dog CBD treats, they should start to feel better within a few hours. The arthritis will still be there but the CBD will start to take effect.

Over time, if you stay on a consistent routine, the CBD treats can start to help reverse the symptoms of arthritis. This will dramatically improve your dogs mood.

If you are interested in trying CBD treats for dogs, be sure to get a brand that has 5% CBD oil in the treats.

Lots of companies use additives to save money. Typically the treats with less than 2.5% will contain additives and are not worth spending your money on.

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