Using Hemp Oil For Dog Hip And Joint Pain

Chance are you have heard about hemp in some context. In the pet supplement world, hemp is becoming a household name for more and more pet owners. Because of its long list of health benefits and superfood properties, pet owners are seeing dramatic results from using hemp oil. The benefits range from overall well-being to decrease in pain and reduced inflammation.

Because hemp oils are extracted using a specialized CO2 cold press process, they oils are extremely pure and potent. This means that you are able to get the maximum benefit from just a few drops. This also allows chemists to ensure they are only extracting the parts of the plant that are the most beneficial. When it comes to hemp oils, there is no THC (what gets you “high”) so you do not need to worry about your dog getting effected psychologically.

The two types of extracts that you will get from hemp are isolate and full spectrum. Isolate is as the name suggests an extraction that targets specific symptoms. Just as aspirin was extracted from the bark of a willow tree, hemp oil isolate is extracted from the cannabis plant. And, just as aspirin targets a pain, hemp oil isolate targets hip and joint pain the same way.

The other type of extract is a full spectrum oil. What is meant by full spectrum is that it provides a full body benefit rather than targets a specific pain. Using full spectrum hemp oil is the best when it comes to a daily supplement routine.

Hemp Oil For Hip & Joint Pain

Starting on a routine of hemp oil is a great way to reduce the hip and joint pain your dog has. Because hemp oils work directly with the body’s endocannabidiol system the effects will take place at a biological level. What this does for your pet is provide a much more natural remedy to treat their hip and joint pain.

Along with the pain relief that your pet will get from hemp oil, they also get all of the other positive benefits including anti-inflammatory and superfood level supplementation.

In addition to an oral supplement, there are also hemp oil rubs that you can use on your pet. Just like a sports rub you would use on yourself, these rubs are all natural and work to loosen up the muscles around the joints. For active dogs, this is a great remedy to provide after a long run or big day at the dog park.

Getting Started With Hemp Oil

There is not much in preparation that you need to do prior to starting your dog on a hemp oil supplement. Find the supplement that looks best to you and administer based on the instructions. It is also a good idea to evaluate your dog’s food and overall nutrition when starting their new diet.

This means researching other foods that will help lower inflammation and are high in protein. Foods like Honest Kitchen provide human grade consumption foods that are freeze dried. Products like their beef recipe pair perfectly with hemp oils and work together to bring your dog the maximum health benefits.

Because hemp oil is non-toxic, you do not need to worry about give your dog an overdose. However, you should keep to the manufacturer’s recommendation the best you can. Once you start it is important to stay consistent with using the product. This means getting on a routine with your dog on when you will give them their hemp oil each day.

Just like with most supplements the results are gradual so be patient as the hemp oil works its magic within your pets body. Continue to use rubs and other medications you were currently providing your pet as you introduce hemp oil to their diet. According to the manufacturer’s websites we referenced in this article, hemp oil will not negatively react with any prescription medications.

To get started with hemp oil in your pets diet, use this link to shop our top picks. If you are not sure where to start, you will be able to find more information about hemp oil and cbd oil here.

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