What is the Best Joint Supplement for Dogs

What is the Best Joint Supplement for Dogs

Just because CBD is derived from cannabis does not mean that if your dog takes it, they will grow dreadlocks and start listening to reggae. It does mean that they will be getting the best joint supplement available on today’s market.

Every pet supplement brand will tell you that their product is the best for join pain. Maybe they are right, but likely they are wrong. Up until recent years, CBD oils have not been available for pet or human consumption. This all changed and with it the bar was raised on what is a high-quality joint supplement.

Hands down, high-quality CBD oils, at the appropriate levels, are going to be the best for your pets joint pains. Rather than put a band aid on the issue like so many other supplements do, CBD oils actually work with the biological system to target the source of the problem.

Yes, this is the same thing that a pain-killer does, but here is the difference. Pain-killers will typically target the pain receptors to block them from getting information about pain. This does nothing to help solve the problem.

Similarly, traditional join supplements would contain elements known to help join pain but really nothing to help set them on target.

Today, CBD joint supplements can be used to not only target the joint pain directly but actively work with the body to help treat the issues. All the while providing natural pain relief.

Starting On A CBD Supplement Routine

If you are ready to get started on CBD oils for join pain, there are a few things you should know. First, not all CBD supplements are created equal. CBD oil is expensive to extract. It involves isolating the glands of the cannabis flower and using CO2 to extract the essential oil.

This being said, the old saying of, “you get what you pay for”, cannot be truer when it comes to CBD pet supplements.

If your joint supplement has any less the 3% CBD oil in it, chances are it is loaded with additives that will just mask the pain. It is very important to purchase only CBD dog supplements with 5% CBD oil. This is going to give you pet the best therapeutic effects.

Be sure to consult with a vet that has experience in CBD oils before starting any regiment to treat or cure issues with your animal. They will be able to provide you with proper dosage and insights on administering the products.

Where To Purchase CBD Joint Supplements

As we previously mentioned, it is critical to purchase CBD products with 5% CBD oil. This being said, the top brand we recommend can be found here.

You will notice the high levels of CBD oil on the supplements they provide. 5% is the best amount of CBD oil to have in a pet product as it will give the most benefits and not be lost in a pool of aditives.

If you are ready to try CBD joint supplements on your pet, click this link to purchase the top ranked joint supplement for dogs.

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