What to Give A Dog for Hip Pain

Hip and joint pain are two of the leading discomforts for dogs. While it is very hard for a dog to actually tell us what is hurting, a trip to the vet can usually diagnose the problem. It is then up to you to figure out a remedy for treating the problem.

Just like humans, dogs need to have a proper diet, ample exercise, and socialization. A dog’s diet should be more thought out than just kibble two times a day. Dogs will eat just about anything but that doesn’t mean that it is good for them.

They are genetically wired to take advantage of any food opportunity. This means liking the plates in the dishwasher or eating nasty things in the yard. It is up to you to provide your dog with a balanced diet so they can enjoy a long healthy life.

Using CBD Oil In Your Dogs Diet

With advancements in science and the growing demand for Hemp Seed Oils and CBD Oils, pet food companies are starting to find huge benefits in providing dogs with these hemp-based supplements.

Scientists have found that a dog’s biology is able to process CBD oils in a similar way that humans process the fatty acids.

It is important to look at the dog’s overall diet before incorporating new supplements into it. Some foods like chicken react poorly with the fatty acids that hemp seed oil provides. This means that you can actually have a negative effect when using these oils if the other foods in your dog’s diet are not properly aligned.

Proper Usage Of Hemp Oils

As mentioned above it is important to use hemp oils in addition to other foods for maximum health benefits and relief from hip joint pain. Using an all-natural food like Honest Kitchen freeze dried dog food – in the Beef or Fish formula – with hemp seed oil, can dramatically improve your dog’s health.

Pairing this with CBD dog treats to help reduce inflammation and provide pain relief, is the one-two punch that can knock out hip pain.

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CBD Dog Treats For Hip Pain

One of the rapidly growing pet food categories is CBD dog treats. Humans have found amazing benefits from using CBD products that pet food manufacturers are now incorporating it in specific products exclusively for pet consumption.

The best CBD brand are using at least 5% CBD oil in the treats. This is the base line to see benefits of the oil. CBD oil is derived from the stocks and flowers of the cannabis plant. It contains no THC (the stuff that gets you high) and only includes the cannabidiol (CBD) oils.

Cannabidiol is shown to greatly improve overall wellbeing and reduce inflammation and pain. While there is sometimes a noticeable mood enhancement, there is no psychoactive effect.

Many vets are no prescribing CBD oils to dogs as a part of their daily diet. These CBD products are giving pet owners a more effective option to prescription drugs that have been the traditional approach.

Along with dog treats, you can add CBD drops to your pet’s food. These drops make it easy for them to digest the CBD and get maximum benefits right away.

Dogs with severe hip pain might need to have CBD added as part of their daily diet.

Other Remedies For Hip Pain

Along with nutritional supplements it is important to have a proper fitness program that slowly rehabilitates the hip.

Using the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) technique on your dog is a good way to help with hip pain as well as incorporating the remedies talked about above.

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