What’s The Deal With My Dogs Itchy Skin?

Itchy skin on dogs can be caused by a variety of things ranging from a bug bite, dry skin, allergic reaction or something else. Not matter the cause it is a bummer for the dog and tough on the pet owner to deal with. The dog can sometimes itch the fur right off and create open sores that lead to even more problems. Not knowing what the problem is puts the pet owner in a bad spot and the dog in constant pain. Keep in mind, there is a difference from the normal morning stretch and itch behind the ear to a

full own bully floor dragging, face rubbing, fierce kicking, itch that is bothering your dog to the point of discomfort.

To better understand what is going on you need to put yourself in your dog’s shoes, or paws rather, and understand the psychology behind why they are itching in the first place. When something is off, their first reaction is it itch it with their hind leg. If this relieves the itch they go back to what they are doing without a second thought. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, they keep going with the hop that a solid hour of itching might do the trick. Sadly, not realizing that they are causing more harm than good.

When a dog has an allergic reaction, they are going to continue to attack the affected area with all of the itching, chewing, carpet rolling, licking and every other trick in the book they have to resolve it. Unfortunately, none of these will resolve the problem if the reaction is not dealt with at its core.

Five Main Causes For Dog Itchy Skin

1. Pruritius – this is the medical term for itchy skin. While this doesn’t say much to a cause or treatment, it is the most common form of itchy dog skin and effects about 40% of dogs.

2. Allergies – just like us humans, dogs suffer from allergies as well. Some breeds way more than others – e.g. pit bulls and terrier mixes. Anything from treats to pollen can trigger pet allergies (just like with people). You will often see itching and licking if they are suffering from allergies.

3. Hot Spots – most often caused by fleas or mites, hot spots are the result of over itching or liking by your dog. Don’t be too quick however to jump the the conclusion that allergies are to blame for hotspots, these can also be the result of bordum or anxiety.

4. Balding and Hair loss – a factor that could be culprit in your dogs itchy skin is balding. As dogs grow older they suffer from hairloss. For dogs, this often causes a lot of itching and discomfort. If you are seeing abnormally high amounts of shedding and scratching, hairloss might be to blame.

5. Dry Hair – you know those baths you have been putting off for you dog? Well, it turns out that they need shampoo and conditioner just like the rest of us. If your dogs coat is dried out than they might be itching it to relive the discomfort. Try a nice spa day for your dog and see if that helps.

Treating Itchy Dog Skin

It ultimately is up to your vet about what the best treatment option is for your dog. The goal of this article is to give you some idea of what might be causing the itchy skin so you can be pro active in preventing it. Knowing what might cause issues is just as important as knowing how to treat those – hopefully, with proper preparation you won’t have to treat them at all.

If you are ready to get your dogs skin and coat in the best shap that it can be, be sure to checkout our recommended products for reducing dog itchy skin. As always, if you have questions, please reach out to our team and someone will get back.

Cheers to a happy dog and happy puppy parents! Let’s knock out itching together.

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