How Much CBD Oil You Should Give A Dog

The pet CBD market has exploded in recent months with the update of the Federal Farm Bill the decriminalized the commercial production of hemp. For the last few years many manufacturing companies have been flying under the radar while they study and optimize the process for extracting CBD oils. Pet product manufacturers have been studying the effects that these oils have on dogs and are realizing that they CBD oils will likely replace other supplements in the years to come. So now that you have an idea of how revolutionary this product is, you need to know how much CBD oil you should give a dog before starting a supplemental program.

Each CBD oil product will likely have it’s own guidelines on how much oil to give to your dog. This being said, it is good to cross check with what the norms are. Below is a simple break down of how much CBD oil you should give your dog.

Starting Dose: 0.07mg per pound (twice daily)

Middle Dose: 0.2mg per pound (twice daily)

High Dose: .6mg per pound (twice daily)

How To Start A CBD Supplement Program For Your Dog

Supplementing with CBD oil is a great way to provide your dog with Omega 3 fatty acids as well as enhance their cannabidiol system. The cannabinoid system is what regulates mood. Until recently, there was not a supplement that was available to balance out this part of the body – both for pets and people!

By providing your pet with a supplemental diet of CBD oils, they can benefit from the superfood qualities. In addition to the mental wellness and omega fatty acids, your dog can also see anti inflammatory benefits and reduced pain from arthritis.

If your pet is scared easily from storms or the mailman, the stress relieving properties of CBD oil will be a huge plus for them as well.

Before you start, you need to identify the reason for supplementing. If you are looking for daily dosage for longevity, you will likely do a smaller dose twice a day. If you are looking to target isolated issues like joint pain or anxiety, you might do a higher dose one time.

When To Give Your Dog CBD Oils

Depending on your dogs issues, you can give them CBD as needed or on a daily routine. For example, if your dog freaks out from storms you will want to give them CBD oil an hour or two before the storm is set to arrive. This gives the oils enough time to set in the system and provide them with the anti-anxiety benefits. If your dog is having trouble sleeping at night because of joint pain, give them a higher does in the evening so that they can rest easy.

You will know you are giving your dog too much if they have a runny stool. Because CBD oils are non-toxic, your dog isn’t at risk of overdosing. They might get sick from too much but this is typically the worst that will happen. This being said, it is important that you check with your vet about the other medications your dog is taking. While CBD is non-toxic, the other medications your dog is are not and when mixing supplements, there could be a bad reaction.

Most vets are becoming or already well versed on CBD products. They will be able to provide you with medical insights on how it will react with your dogs current diet and current medications.

Choosing The Best CBD Oil For Dogs

When shopping for CBD oil you need to have an understanding that each tincture will have a different potency. This is the total MG per bottle. The more potent the less you will need to give your dog.

Be sure to look for CBD oils that have gone through 3rd party lab testing. This is very important because it shows that the brand has submitted their products to an outside lab to run tests for purity and potency based on the claims about the product the brand had.

With so many new CBD brands out there it can be very confusing on what to look for. We give all of our dogs the best CBD oils you can get from (Insert CBD Brand Here).

If you have any questions, feel free to email us for more info about the top CBD brands for dogs or more info on how much CBD oil you should give your dog.

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